A new week, a new Illustration Friday contribution! This weeks topic “neighbors” and the funny thing is, I had already a sketch in mind which I wanted to submit for another comic drawing competition with the same topic. But unfortunately, I missed the deadline, and now I was thinking on using the idea for the Illustration Friday. And honestly, why not?

I did not want to picture the regular thinking of “neighbors”, the people in your direct living neighborhood. We all agree, that neighbors – whoever we mean and wherever they are – can sometimes be a blessing, but also – most of the time – just tremendously annoy us. The latter which I find, is often the case when we talk about “tram neighbors”. Loud shouting people behind you, a small baby crying in front of you, the guy next to you shouting on the phone, and to crown it all, someone hops on the tram the last second with a barking, little dog. And there we have the scene! I enjoy it regularly 8 in the morning on my way to work. ;)



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