Heute bin ich frei

>>Today, I am free.<< That means I have a free time. But it also means my mind is free. And with this blog, I want to materialize my thoughts. Sharing my every day life.

I took my new job opportunity as trigger to pull through with this project. Writing a blog, showing my routines, my drawings and art. Primarily, it is a motivation to draw more, embrace my style and skills and improve day by day. My contract runs until September 2018 and so will this blog. Every week I will post a new comic. Additionally, I plan to participate in “Illustration Friday” – the weekly art challenge (content will be hosted within my category “Home of Lady Lisa“).

Wish me luck, show support and enjoy the show! ;)

Cheers, Lady L

PS: Furthermore, you will find the work and contributions of Lord Wolfenson and our cat Azrael on this blog. Use the navigation below the header to access the respecitve entries. To go back to main page, click on the header. Stay tuned!

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