Juhey, another week, another comic. I know I am a bit late, but I am happy I still made it in this weeks time. This time, I tell you about my adventure visiting kunecoco in Düsseldorf. The last time I was in Düsseldorf was several years ago and I never managed to do some sightseeing. So basically, I knew nothing about the city. Similar to Basel, Düsseldorf is a very industrialized area and they also have the Rhine (next to the rhine they even have a sheep herd – how cool is that?!). From Friday to Sunday, I was able to explore the city and surroundings. What I liked most about Düsseldorf, is the shape and locations. Although it has over half a million inhabitants, I wouldn’t consider it a big city. The central spots are easily reachable, either by walking or by public transportation. The weekend, I spent all my money on food, coffee and drinks – NO RAGRETS! I enjoyed the various offer of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and take-aways a lot.

The first day, I spent my time by the Rhine. “Rheinpromenade” was empty (due to cold weather) and I had some relaxing hours, waiting for Jenni to finish her working day. Since it was raining on Saturday, we decided on some indoor activity: shopping! After the rain stopped, we drove to Duisburg to take some pictures on the Tiger&Turtle – Magic Mountain monument for the internet challenge of a friend. The only part not walkable on the monument is the loop – fortunately. On the last day, we touristically strolled into Rheinturm and enjoyed a view above the city. Luckily, there was a clear view, no clouds and a lot of sun. In the afternoon we decided for some more food (who would have thought?) and ended up in Ramen Soul (the best Chinese Ramen in town!). It was SO delicious.




The weather in Basel is known to be mild and always few degrees above the Swiss average. That gives perfect opportunity for the summer and the traditional Rhine swimming. Past weeks were a little disappointing when it came down to sun and heat, but I am quite optimistic for the upcoming weekends to have a small revival summer ( so that I can at least swim one more time in the Rhine!). Best part about my apartment is the close location to the river. When we start swimming on the upper part of Rhine, I can always let myself get carried back to my apartment down the river. :)

Now, I can also introduce you the most mandatory accessoire of every Basel citizen: the Wickelfisch! It is a water-proof bag in the shape of a fish. When you closed it tight and leave some air in it, you can flow down the tide together with your belongings. Practical and very popular. The idea was developed by a local artist – Tilo Ahmels. He did a great job!

hot summer



Woho, I made it! After one month of neglecting the issue, I managed to repair my bicycle. After a night ride home, I encountered a flat tire the next morning. After I made up my mind on changing the inner tire, I found, that the outer part of the tire had seen better days and needs a change as well. After some time of procrastination, I finally decided on two new outer tire parts and mounted them on the weekend. And I have to say: I love it. It’s perfect. Never went my bike so smooth on concrete streets. And I have to say, I am kinda proud of myself. Usually I would leave bike repairing to my grand dad or dad, but this time I managed all by myself! :) The small journey to Neuenburg (30km one way) on Sunday went fantastic, too!




Hello guys, I have to apologize first, that I haven’t published anything this Monday. With a two days delay (and I truly am sorry!), I introduce you to my weekend adventure. Together with PhD colleagues from the institute at work, I was going in the Neuchatel direction. The plan was to hike from Boudry to Noiraigue through Val-de-Traverse and alongside Creux du Van valley. What we saw, was an impressive canyon divided by water fall rivers. I joined the crew on rather short notice, leaving me with only one day time to explore the area and return on the evening back to Basel. The others stayed over night and climbed Creux du Van wall the next day. The trip – nevertheless – made a lasting impression and I am positive in revisiting the area.

For you I prepared a comic drawing together with a subset of pictures I took on that day. Please enjoy and dive into the hiking feelings.


Picture gallery:

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Cat cuddles

Ai, I ran a bit out of creativity. The weekend was super calm and the thing I spent most time on was cat cuddles. Azi loves the attention, and I love her. She is too adorable.

azi copy

Azi is by far the most adorable and most annoying cat I was proud being cat mommy for. I feel sorry some times when I cannot spend too much time with her, because I am at work or have to do other household stuffs. But since she is so vocal and very loud with her meows, there is no chance I could forget her or not paying attention to her. I am happy she enjoys the cuddles, I find this is the best thing with cats: Just fluff them! <3


A small attachment to last weeks post about my spain vacation.

kapitel 7 malaga

If it could always be so easy in real life, that would be perfect. I really much enjoyed the hike to the castle and up the hill, it was just super demanding because of the heat and humidity. Additionally, I made rather nice pictures of the landscape, which you can see in the previous post, as well I might share some more pictures in next weeks episode. Stay tuned! :)


Two weeks ago, I spent my time under the Andalusian sun. And woosh, it was burning! Mostly all of the time, my friend and me hung out on the beach. And what to say – I loved it! Floating on the waves included.


Unfortunately, the sun did not help me improve my creativity, but I am working on it. As a way better exchange, you can enjoy some pictures from Malaga beach and harbor now. Enjoy!

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