Summer break

It is about time: Summer vacation! Of course Lady Lisa also needs some holidays.


When I go to the beach in summer, it is for 99.9 % sure that I will somehow end up with a sunburn (even when I used sunscreen). Someone could calculate my risk to die from skin cancer. By now it should be rather high, damnit. Not sure if it helps decreasing my risk, if someone teaches me how to use sunscreen correctly. Anyway, so by the time this post is active, I will be spending my time in Malaga – south Spain. For one week I am supposed to do nothing, but just enjoy the surroundings and life itself. As for the week after, I can spam a lot of beach pictures. Enjoy!


Ok, somehow I had the impression there was one week of silence (summer holidays?) on the Illustration Friday project, so for this week, I have a new contribution. The topic is skate! Since I am very bad in skatebord skating, I prefer inlineskating. But well, how to put it, I am not the most proficient individual in this activity either. But it looks cool. It looks very cool! Can you give me some tips how to improve my skating skills? Much appreciated! Enjoy your summer time! <3


Kamikaze Action – Teil 3

Please enjoy the final of my small series “Kamikaze Action”. After all, the action was not lethal at all, and everyone survived the small encounter with Zecky Potter.

Kapitel 6-3_klein

Typically, most problems are solved with alcohol. Alcohol is a solution! It is liquid, and yummi. Guess, also Zecken like it. I imagine this scene with background music of: “Auf der Mauer auf der Lauer, sitzt ‘nen kleiner Zecky.”

I recently went for beer evening with my friends. We usually meet either at the rhine or at Volta Bräu, which is very close to our living place. They have self made craft beer. Perfect place for the summer. Cheers, and enjoy the sun!

Free your mind

What time it is? Illustration Friday time! This week’s topic is “Mind”. And what directly crossed my mind was the 90’s Hit from En Vogue: Free your mind. So my contribution has the same motto. Free your mind, and get the knot out of your head. Go outside, explore, embrace and enjoy the life. Have fun, guys!

IMG_0264 copy

Kamikaze Action – Teil 1

Puuuuuh, another week, another comic. The weekend before I was visiting my family in my hometown in Germany. My granny had a birthday and so we made a small big family gathering. We had cake, Schnitzel, and Kartoffelsalat. Yummi!

While still sitting on the table, my mum started telling a story of few days ago. She was working in the garden, when suddenly a wild tick (in the following named as “Zecke”) appeared and she was frightened to be bitten. The scene came to my mind as an old Alfred Hitchcock movie, and instantly the idea was born, to think of movie titles replacing their name with the word “Zecke” (funny game though, I can recommend it, especially when all participants are good on the booze ;)).

To share some of the funny moments with you, we came up with movies like:

  • The Hateful Zecke
  • Project Zecke
  • Interzeckar
  • Die Zecke kehrt zurück
  • Ab durch die Zecke
  • 12 years a Zecke
  • 28 Zecken later
  • The Walking Zecke
  • 7 Zecken allein im Wald
  • Der Herr der Zecken
  • and what inspired me for this week’s comic: Zecky Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Please enjoy the following comic page!

kapitel 6-1-klein.png

Join the team!

You like the idea of Lady Lisa and would also like to become a member of our team? In case you are close family, friends and/or someone I know and like very much and/or shared a funny time with, the probability of me drawing you as a character in this series is rather high. Congrats!

If you cannot wait for this to happen, you can also contact me and share your idea for a new character with me.

If you are just interested in sketching, why not participate in this week’s challenge of Illustration Friday – as I did?

team raw copy