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You like the idea of Lady Lisa and would also like to become a member of our team? In case you are close family, friends and/or someone I know and like very much and/or shared a funny time with, the probability of me drawing you as a character in this series is rather high. Congrats!

If you cannot wait for this to happen, you can also contact me and share your idea for a new character with me.

If you are just interested in sketching, why not participate in this week’s challenge of Illustration Friday – as I did?

team raw copy


The next chapter of the Lady Lisa adventure is approaching. Last weekend I was in Hamburg visiting my lovely friend Madliene – or should I say – Knittliene? (Anm.: Vielleicht ändere ich den Namen nochmal ab, etwa in Strickliene…)

Together we explored the boundaries of Elbe, heading in the direction of Elbphilharmonie on our Sushi Ship (of love!). Besides we discovered the Hamburg noble villas in Blankenese, had fun at the Heide-Park-Resort and tingled between the Hamburgs many Bio-Shops and restaurants.

kapitel 5 ladylisa and the elphi

Here again, I wanted to make some advertisement for the excellent Sushi restaurant we discovered – Cross Sushi! I can recommend the place to 99.9%. Its clean, the food is very delicious, prices are ok. The only critic from me would be the toilet light: Instead of having a light switch in the toilet rooms, they have an automated motion switch in the hallway in front of the toilet rooms. Peeing will get quite challenging like this, especially when the light turns out after 2 minutes, but you are still in the toilet cabin. So be quick!

To make it more plastic, please enjoy some photos of the Sushi ship and the Hamburg trip in general (no toilet pics, ofc!). I will definitely go back soon. Cannot wait for you, Hamburg! <3

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Here is it – my contribution for Illustration Friday – the weekly art challenge. This weeks topic is “Mother”. Right after Mother’s Day, the emotions are freshly conserved within my art piece. I am not so into realistic drawing at the moment, and I also wanted to take a step back from humanization. For me the perfect motive was to picture a cat mom and her small newborn kitten. Cat and mum love for the world!


Luck – Part 2

Enjoy the sequel to the previous comic part of “Luck”.

comic4 luck 2

I kinda changed the look and figure of Lord Wolfenson to the first image I had of this character. But after some seconds thoughts, I am more confident with the way he looks now. Also it offers some additional perspectives and possibilities throughout the comic series. This time, Azz-Buzz is totally confident and happy being carried on Lord Wolfenson’s shoulders and does not meow in complaints. The next adventure can come! With a big portion of luck, there is no hurdle that cannot be mastered by our protagonists!



This weeks Illustration Friday – the weekly art challenege topic is “Resist”. Resist, endure, survive, stand up. Multiple thoughts crossed my mind regarding this topic. In the end, it turned out to be something more depressing, something sad, something vulnerable.

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Luck – Part 1

After introducing the cat behavior last week, let’s have a look at the next adventure of Lady Lisa.

Kapitel 3_ Luck-1 copy3

Without any spoilers for the second part in the upcoming week, this is really an unusual sight revealing from the soil! A four-leaf-clover sticking to the head of Lord Wolfenson? He is buried in the ground? What is the meaning of this? And why is the cat not meowing? Find it out next week, on!


OMG! Since I was out of the country last Friday, I totally forgot the IllustrationFriday Art Challenge! The topic is “shoe”. I could have come up with lots of better (and also worse) ideas, but I ultimately had 10 minutes to draw and upload something to be in time for this Friday’s challenge. So, here is the Lady Lisa shoe:

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