Photo shooting for Azi

Yay, we did it. This week we scheduled the foto shooting Azi won last year from the animal shelter photography competition. And since I was a bit lazy the last days and did not produce any new art or comics, I thought for this weeks blog post, I share with you the experience of the professional photo shooting and its outcome.

On Wednesday, we were so lucky with the weather, as the whole week before Basel was in a blurr and it was grey and rainy. I took the chance to call with the photographer the week before, and was impressed how fast the appointment was made. As shooting location, we decided our very own shared garden at home, so Azi did not need to travel anywhere.

The shooting itself was actually super fast (like maybe 40 minutes?), but the photographer got quite some nice pictures out of it. Also good on the other hand to not stress Azi so much. She was happy being out in the garden, but on the other hand most probably also a bit stressed from all the new plants and greens, not seeing or hearing anything. Well, in the end I could calm her and she wanted to sleep on my arms. Model life is tough life. 😄

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I am really happy and impressed with the fast and good work of the photographer Andreas Trächslin. So, I also very much recommend him, in case one of the Switzerland people are interested in a photographer. He mostly does dog photo shootings, though also his webpage (click here) shows a lot of diverse animal photography or wedding pictures.


Peeeew, it is really hard at the moment. To be honest, I am struggeling with creating content, writing online the blog or sharing my (boring) thoughts. Also, the daily computer work is doing its deeds, and demotivates me spending more time on the computer after work.

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As the days go by

Lazy weekend at home – Pen on Ipad, 2021

And here we are again. After it was a bit silent for a while, I decided to be more regularly back with the LadyLisa blog ideas. As you can see, I extended my WordPress subscription, charged my Ipad and drawing pencil and provide you with the latest LadyLisa drawing. Additionally, I also created a separate Instagram art account for the LadyLisa page ( and comic/art content.

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