Of viscounts and dukes

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Well, well, I tried looking for a new blog topic, and so far I could not come up with “the” proper one. As there is nothing really new going on in my life, I can also just let you know about a new series I was watching.

Currently, there is the new trending Netflix Series “Bridgertons“, based on the period drama regency romance novel books written by Julia Quinn. To be fair, I do not like this kind of books, neither any kind of this series. It was trending though on the Netflix title page, and I was willing to give it a go (only 1 Season available, what could go wrong…). Making the connection to the production company behind this new series, it may become a bit more clear, why I got lost in the series from the beginning (it is from Shonda Rhimes, who created famous Grey’s Anatomy). In the end, I binge watched all the 8 episodes (each around 1 hours long) in two days (we talk here about week days, not the weekend).

I think what kept me going the most were the actors, which were very well casted and together transported a lot of emotions and feelings. The story itself you can rate 5/10, its very predictable and flat. But for those who have some hours to spare and just want to have a series without thinking too much about the plot or characters, find a worthwhile show in this one.

As long as the hype lasts, I draw this weeks LadyLisa in Bridgerton style. Sending you royal vibes. Stay healthy.


Da es momentan nichts spannendes oder wirklich Neues in meinem Leben zu berichten gibt, erzähle ich euch heute von der neuen Netflix-Serie, die ich mir die letzten Tage angeschaut habe.

Bridgertons” trendet gerade auf Netflix, und basiert auf der Buchreihe von Julia Quinn. In den Romantik Novels geht es um die 8 Kinder der Violet Bridgeton und ihr Weg die “große Liebe” zu finden. Uuiuiui. Das Genre ist eigentlich so null meins, aber da es zur Zeit eh nur eine Staffel auf Netflix hat, wollte ich dem ganzen Mal eine Chance geben. Hinzu kommt auch, dass die Serie von Shonda Rhimes produziert wurde, die, wie wir alle wissen, Grey’s Anatomy erfunden hat. Am Ende habe ich alle 8 Episoden (je 1 Stude lang) in zwei Werktagen durchgeschaut. Uff.

Was mich begeistert hat, waren die neuen Schauspielgesichter. Der Cast ist gut, und harmonisiert schön zusammen. Die Story ist eine 5/10, und wer seichte Unterhaltung nebenbei sucht, ist hier gut bedient. Wirklich anspruchsvoll ist die Serie nicht, denn die meiste Handlung ist sehr vorhersehbar.

Solange der Hype da ist, habe ich noch schnell den dieswöchigen LadyLisa Comic im Bridgerton-Stil gezeichnet. Bleibt gesund und bis nächste Woche!

Merry Christmas everyone!

This week there will be no comic. I only want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Festive Holiday period. Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and commenting on my LadyLisa Blog! Hopefully you can all relax a bit and take a break from this exhausting year. Looking forward to see you all refreshed in the new year 2021. Take care and stay healthy! <3

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