As the days go by

Lazy weekend at home – Pen on Ipad, 2021

And here we are again. After it was a bit silent for a while, I decided to be more regularly back with the LadyLisa blog ideas. As you can see, I extended my WordPress subscription, charged my Ipad and drawing pencil and provide you with the latest LadyLisa drawing. Additionally, I also created a separate Instagram art account for the LadyLisa page ( and comic/art content.

With this, I wish to better separate the creative posting and some private/photo postings, which before were mixed up. I also had the impression some followers were not so interested in either of the topics and I was annoyed by myself mixing the numerous Cosplay/Art/Drawing/Photography accounts with private friend accounts. Super often I missed some nice postings from friends, but now I hope this will happen less, and I also hope you followed me for either some art and creative stuff or because you know or like me (or not, who knows :D). In any case, thanks for still being around, subscribing to the new IG account, and/or being interested in the weekly comic ideas as the blog content.

Another fact which I realized is not working out as I planned, are the bilingual postings. At first I was enthusiastic of always translating my English brabbling (as a non-mother tongue thought it to be ridiculous writing in Enligsh) into German, but after a while it was really something which annoyed me and held me back from publishing content or express my feelings in a more thorough way. Therefore, I decided to write the entries only in English for now. If I have the muse at a later time to change this, you will see it here on the blog post first.

As this week I not have much else to mention, I will call it a day. Good its Thursday, and wishing you all a nice and relaxing upcoming weekend.

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