Peeeew, it is really hard at the moment. To be honest, I am struggeling with creating content, writing online the blog or sharing my (boring) thoughts. Also, the daily computer work is doing its deeds, and demotivates me spending more time on the computer after work.

If I do not consume digital in my free time, the what to do? I love video games and watching series and so. At the moment it is just really hard, as so much screen time is making me a bit of mood. Also I do not really have anything new to tell.

My little cat is also making me worry currently, as she is getting older and sick. Recently she received some medications for her blood pressure and thyroid, and since then she has decreased eye sight. And it is not looking to get better again.

That is kinda’ making me sad. Work is currently a lot to do, but keeps me at least busy, so I cannot strive off with my thoughts. My studies are progressing very well, and on the weekend I think I need to work on one of the exam presentations we have to prepare for the next module. The topic will be about broccoli. If you are interested in science, I can very well share with you some insights about the content and results of the discussion, haha. πŸ₯¦

Hope you are fine and enjoy your free times. Read you next week!

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