Christmas preparations

It is the time of the year again. Despite COVID and the shutdown/lockdown restrictions worldwide, there is still some Christmas mood lingering around. The picture is actually massively foreshadowing, of an event, which may only happen in the far far future. I do not even own a Christmas tree which could be decorated, and I do not intend to buy one and build it up in the flat. BUT I used to do it at my family’s place some years ago.

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Hiking a day – keeps the bad mood away

Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Or in this case just some going out, walking or making a hike, or even going with the bicycle somewhere.

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If you need a little help

If you need a little love – my friend – come along, I will understand.

Well, well, well. Special times, require special measures. Lately, it is kind of stressful for me to keep up with all the work load of regular work and my studies. Therefore, it would be great having my cute little Azi help me with answering all the emails or doing the homework for me. The next exam I have to write, is next week and I am not that well prepared, I feel.

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Hello world out there, it is dark! Yes, we advanced towards the end of the year and it is currently a cold autumn weather outside. Basel is usually known to have quite mild weather and it not really gets extremely cold (in winter usually around 0°C but not below, and here it rarely snows).

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Die Handetasche muss lebending sein…

Last month, I participated in the photography competition of the Tierverein/Tierheim beider Basel (TBB). And can you believe it – we really won something?!!

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