The cat content

To give you a small overview of my (current) life situation, the following comic summarizes it quite fine:

Kapitel 2_The cat

I so much love my cat, because it always likes to cuddle. Especially, when sitting down on the comfortable swinging chair in front of the TV. As a good cat mommy (hrhr), I want to be a fluffy pillow for Azi. Unfortunately, sometimes she is quite the mind changing kitty. First she terribly meows wanting something. She sleeps in my lap, but then decides few minutes later to wander around the apartment, with loud and unstopping meowing for attention. On top of that, one way of expressing herself, are her terribly bad smelling >>farts<<. Honestly, since when do cats fart THAT much? Gawd, kitty, I just wanna play some PS4….

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