Kamikaze Action – Teil 1

Puuuuuh, another week, another comic. The weekend before I was visiting my family in my hometown in Germany. My granny had a birthday and so we made a small big family gathering. We had cake, Schnitzel, and Kartoffelsalat. Yummi!

While still sitting on the table, my mum started telling a story of few days ago. She was working in the garden, when suddenly a wild tick (in the following named as “Zecke”) appeared and she was frightened to be bitten. The scene came to my mind as an old Alfred Hitchcock movie, and instantly the idea was born, to think of movie titles replacing their name with the word “Zecke” (funny game though, I can recommend it, especially when all participants are good on the booze ;)).

To share some of the funny moments with you, we came up with movies like:

  • The Hateful Zecke
  • Project Zecke
  • Interzeckar
  • Die Zecke kehrt zurück
  • Ab durch die Zecke
  • 12 years a Zecke
  • 28 Zecken later
  • The Walking Zecke
  • 7 Zecken allein im Wald
  • Der Herr der Zecken
  • and what inspired me for this week’s comic: Zecky Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Please enjoy the following comic page!

kapitel 6-1-klein.png

One thought on “Kamikaze Action – Teil 1”

  1. Eine Zecke kommt selten allein.
    Eine schrecklich nette Zecke.
    Zecke Gump.
    2 broke Zecken.
    Save the last Zecke.
    Apocalypse Zecke oder Zecke now.
    To be continued…

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