Hello guys, I have to apologize first, that I haven’t published anything this Monday. With a two days delay (and I truly am sorry!), I introduce you to my weekend adventure.

Together with PhD colleagues from the institute at work, I was going in the Neuchatel direction. The plan was to hike from Boudry to Noiraigue through Val-de-TraverseΒ and alongside Creux du Van valley. What we saw, was an impressive canyon divided by water fall rivers. I joined the crew on rather short notice, leaving me with only one day time to explore the area and return on the evening back to Basel. The others stayed over night and climbed Creux du Van wall the next day. The trip – nevertheless – made a lasting impression and I am positive in revisiting the area.

For you I prepared a comic drawing together with a subset of pictures I took on that day. Please enjoy and dive into the hiking feelings.


Picture gallery:

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