What time is it? – Vacation time!

Again, again, I went again on holiday: This time for a 3.5-day short trip to beautiful balearic island Majorca. It was my first time visiting, and I can say, I do not regret it (will come some time again for sure). The island has a fantastic and diverse landscape, the water was perfect for swimming (end of September!) and the weather could not have been better (only one time cloudy at the beach)!

For the 3 days on the island, I planned a tough schedule. After arrival in Palma, I rode the bus in the Alcúdia direction. The Hotel was located in Can Picafort, very close to the promenade and beach. The first day was booked for a bicycle ride to Cap Formentor. Here’s a litte secret. Instead of a normal road or mountain bike, I – clever foxy as I am – chose to ride an E-Bike up the serpentines. And it was SO MUCH FUN! OK ok, it was highly unfair compared to the normal bicyclists on the road that day, but it was stressless and easy. And I could much more enjoy the perfect view around the cliffs and coasts.

The second day, was spent on the beach between Can Picafort and Alcúdia entirely. Although it was off-season a lot of tourists gathered at the water. For the evening, I decided going to Alcúdia, seeing the city and enjoy the sunset view from the harbor.

The last day, I had to go back to Palma. The flight was super early on Monday morning, so best option was to spent the Sunday somewhere close to the airport. Around noon, I took a bus from Can Picafort to Palma to arrive just in time to do a little bit touristic sightseeing: with the old wooden train Tren de Sóller. It takes one hour for the train to arrive in Sóller. The train is not really fast, but when staying outside the cabin it is a very adventurous ride (it’s super dark and cold when it rides through the tunnels – brrrz). The landscape is perfect, and the closer you come to Sóller, the more mountains and green you see. After checking out the old town of Sóller (it is not very big), I was on the way to Port Sóller. With ice cream in the one hand and camera in the other, I walked up to the cap of the harbor and got a nice view over the harbor and port city. Afterwards even went a bit for swimming.

I think the island has way more to offer, but even this short 3 days showed me already the islands beauty. And i can totally understand why so many people migrate to their or spent a long holiday in Majorca.


And here is a small selection of landscape shots:

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