Ah guys, I missed you! Look who’s back, back again. Tell a friend.

Yes, you read right! I am back with my LadyLisa blog, and my goal is to entertain you weekly with some new comic content. I do not have a certain plan in which direction exactly this is going, but I would wish for one small comic strip per week – telling you something from my life.

How does that sound? In case you have any suggestions or stories – they are obviously more than welcome. Until then, I thought about uploading a new blog entry every THURSDAY at 18:00 CET. I know this world with all its Instagrams, Facebooks, Podcasts or online slideshows is already so packed and you get new content every minute; still hoping you can look forward to some new weekly art.

I try to work a bit in advance, so I surely will provide an update once a week. We all know there may be times when this is not possible, but I am really trying all my best. Currently, I am rather strongly engaged with work and also off-work I have a lot of studying to do, but I guess these are all topics for a NEW entry. :D

Now, lean back, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the show

The Return of Lady Lisa. ❤️

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