Detective Azi

It’s is the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

Detective Azi is on her way, to save your day! Honestly people, I love my cat. I really do. She is so adorable, likes long hugs, and cannot get enough from you petting her. That is very cute, comparing her to other cats (or also my dear previous cat – rest in peace), who just literally attack you with their claws. Now, sometime and then, she is not the smartes cat on this earth. Besides letting everyone in the household know she just peed of pooped (with extremely loud meowing), she sometimes looses some of her excrements. And not in places where they should be! So it happened to be a few while ago, that madame (ehm, excuse me) – Detective Azi (!) – pooped on the bathroom carpet and not in her toilet. Not realizing where the poop went, she just searched the bathroom for smell and thought to notify me with her meow. Do I want to help my cat finding her poop to burry in the sand? Yeah well, I could have. But with the poop being in side the bathroom carpet – which is also designed having small hairs (perfectly well sticking for smelly poop), the burial part is not really happening.

Well, what can be done? Together with the smelly carpet, I took the couch blanket – which happened to be previously conquered with Detective Azis’ vomit – and thrown it in the washing machine. Hey, I DO love my cat. ❤️

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