Something bigger

“Here I go again on my own.”

This summer, we had a high influx of mosquitos, spiders and any other insect you can imagine. Living on ground floor is tough regarding this issue, and it is definately me who HATES all these little living organisms. So one solution (revolution) was to install mosquito nets! Said – done. For the kitchen it was possible attaching a proper mosquito net, which is closed on every corner. Whereas for the other rooms, I had to use balcony door mosquito nets, which are open on the bottom (to be able to be open and close).

So far, I am very happy and they work quite well. In summer, every little insect crawled in our rooms. Now, they are more or less blocked. Sometimes, there is a tiny little fly in the apartment, but they are so small, that they fit through the mesh of the mosquito net. Well, I cannot have it all…

What is also NOT blocked by the new nets, is the cute little detective Azi. She is so annoying and want to follow us around every second (hoping for hugs), that there is literally no silent minute without her (if you do not pay her attention, she just starts crying at you). But let’s be honest, what would live be without this cute little furr ball. ❤️

PS: Next post will include two versions – English and German. Like this, I hope, everyone understands everything and enjoys even more to read the LadyLisa blog. Stay tuned!

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